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The activity surrounding the Bridge needs to be a communal effort, involving both individuals and businesses and we are much encouraged by the response so far. With everything nearly ready for a public launch of the Friends of Friar Gate Bridge as a registered charity, the trustees would like to say a big thank you to those firms who have given their professional time to ensure we are properly set up. The Smith Partnership, (Solicitors) and in particular, their managing partner Fraser Cunningham, spent many hours working on our constitution. The marketing agency DE22 have ensured all looks well on our general marketing materials and have given expert advice on what to produce and when to use it.

Most of all we are deeply indebted to our website and logo creators, Codemakers. Websites have to do so much these days that we needed a seriously good team to put together a site which was fully functional as well as attractive. Codemakers have kept our thinking well disciplined, whipped us along to provide the right sort of words and pictures and have pulled out all the stops to match our timetable. We are delighted with the result so far and are sure the website will help us meet our objectives.

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